Team work, sharing the load

Sharing responsibility is not a method avoiding the work to be done.

A message today from Dr. Brolovan, a guide in spirit: Pooling of effort should be sought in projects great and small. The energy exchange, the camaraderie, with even the most unlikely teammates, will aid the cohesion, kindness, and ascension of humankind. Team effort is representative of the interconnectedness of creation.

The “pulling together” of resources may be seen as if it slows the progress, or that production is not as swift for hobbies or professions. No matter the roles each player takes the outcome is enhanced. Ideas are enhanced and lived are changed. Simply asking for input or a creative idea for some personal interest is the beginning. It may require your comfort level being adjusted and it may require you to bare your soul, in time this facilitates a strengthening of the population, much deeper than so many superficial niceties that exist now.

Alex is a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, Medium, and Author. You can view more channeled works in the Spirit Message Archive or the bookshelf.

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