Come out of hiding, remove the wall!

Clearly stating your beliefs is the only way the rest of the world will be introduced to them. Do not hide yourself, do not hide who you are. How will you find others if you and the others are hiding your true self?

No matter the reception you think you will have you are still the same being, you are still safe. It will be empowering and liberating to willingly share yourself.

To help you understand this please know that you are not expected to advertise and tell others constantly about your presence. First, start with removing the barriers and walls you currently hold between different people or groups or even the barriers you hold when you assume a group or a person holds a certain belief in comparison to you.

It takes faith, if you prefer to call it such, have faith in yourself. Share your light into the world. There are others waiting to meet you and see this side of you! This belief in you will bring out this belief in others! There will be less fear and judgement. There will be a multiply of energy when you share and meet similar beliefs in others! It will be incredible!

This message was communicated to a Spirit Medium from an entity in Spirit called Dr. Brolovan. To read more messages visit the Spirit Message Archive or view available books

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