Smiling through adversity

You cannot control someone else’s depression. You cannot control someone else’s desire for perfection or their need to absolute power and control. What can you control? You can master your mind and your thoughts within it. You can critique your own thoughts and how you feel about a situation.

You may want someone to be “on your level” or you may want to be “on their level” in terms of social, spiritual, or physical understanding, but this is not the objective of existence. Progression will occur in its own time. You are to understand this and to understand the friction you see that exists when adversity to your own path exists.

What does this mean? This means having the patience, compassion, and understanding that even though others are screaming that you are irrelevant or wrong, that you can exercise this patience, you can exercise the calm demeanor that you possess.

Smiling in the face of adversity is not the only criteria. This is not living a life oblivious to the words or actions of others. Your awareness of the situation, your love of your own true self, your love of humanity, and your knowledge of truth makes you able to exist in the middle of adversity and still wear a smile.

Remember, control of the channel, or the control to change your path in any moment is yours. However, if you feel trapped, know that you are trapped only until you don’t feel trapped or you decide to change. If you are struggling in any manner because of friction between two opposed vibrations it is these things that we have mentioned that keep you jolly in your existence. You are more useful and have a wider range of influence in kindness than in meeting hate with hate or opposition with opposition.

Clear the airwaves, do not return fire, keep the smile within and keep the smile on the surface. One energy fuels the other, the smile inside fuels the smile outside and the outside fuels the inside. Their words and actions won’t change unless you let them. You’re still you!

This information was sent my a Spirit Guide or “spirit person” and received by a Spirit Medium. This message was sent as guidance and wisdom for the purpose of lighting the way for those who encounter it. To read more messages from Spirit visit the Spirit Message Archive or view the available books.

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