What is the topic of discussion?

There is a difference between discussing current events and gossip. Gossip could be considered unnecessary talk, unnecessary worry, unnecessary planning of events which do not concern you, or events which concern you and you have no control over their decision or outcome – especially considering when these events have yet to occur, nor is there a guarantee that there will.

This previous paragraph should include every possibility of language that describes a discussion which has no bearing on your existence. You might look at this and ask, “what can I talk about?” You are not restricted in your discussions, we suggest a mindfulness of your words. You can discuss any topic, but it is the nature of the discussion we ask you to consider. Talk about the neighbor, but is the nature of your discussion about the neighbor worthy of your time? Is it worthy of the neighbor to hear? Is it helpful to the neighbor’s existence? Does it uplift, or does it suppress?

Also consider, there are many thoughts and words that come into existence, how much action brings any of them into existence?

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