There are more exceptions than rules

Letting yourself go in the moment is the part of human existence that can be unbridled and guarded. Is it necessary to be restrictive about the way you think, feel, and act? Perhaps, at times yes. Is it necessary to live without restriction about the way you think, feel, and act? Perhaps, at times yes. There are no right and wrong answers, the world is not black and white. Too often a person seeks answers that are very universal – answers that can be applied to their own situation but also used to explain humanity on wider scales, or just to explain the nature of one human.

The nature of existence is that all possibilities are possible. The nature of truth is that all truths are true. There is not an egocentric dominator that rules over any being or group of beings that requires behavior to fit within a certain box of rules. You are in existence and existence is within you, you are unlimited unless you allow yourself to become limited.

Interpretation is a helpful guide, there are many things that apply to many people but just as many that do not. Be helpful to humanity by being a guide but do not impose your will upon them as the only absolute cure to correcting an imbalance. Your own thoughts must dwell upon this in order to become a peaceful warrior in this manner. Not all warrior are battling outside forces or other human beings.

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