Reminder: You have a plan for change, act on it today!

Clearing your space is the universal message. This is a message that requires constant assessment of your mind, body, spirit, actions, and the space you occupy. Do not willfully encourage your environment to grow weeds and attract debris out of laziness or familiarity. You have identified the problem, it is time to enact your change and become the person you are yearning to be!

Peace is within. Not by the wills of exteriors. Embrace a routine that has no routine and no automatic associations and patterns implanted by others. You are able to engage the world in a much different way than you do now. You have a different mode that will continue to resurface until you allow it to breathe, until you embrace it!

This message was received from a Spirit by a Spirit Medium. To see more messages please visit the Spirit Message Archive or available published Spiritual and Metaphysical Books.

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