Card for March 28, 2018

You are an Earth Angel, a lightworker who has come to Earth at a time when you are most needed. You are meant to shed your love, light and wisdom in a way that helps others and our planet. All souls are born with a personal mission for spiritual growth. You, as a lightworker, have also chosen a global mission for this lifetime. Your mission will bring you onto a path that somehow provides a service to our world, making it a better place for all.

Earth Angels sometimes feel out of place in our world, like they were dropped off from another planet and wonder when someone will come and bring them home. The Earth can be a harsh place to live, often leaving lightworkers feeling alone, depressed and even with physical symptoms such as rashes and allergies caused by the environment. But, always remember you are NEVER alone. Earth Angels are always surrounded by more Heavenly helpers than the average person, and there are many of us here right now. We are in an extraordinary age of enlightenment and growth – we are many.

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