Is the complex answer the correct answer?

It is not everyone else that has the problem, it is you that has the problem. We are not belittling any situation or status, but human nature, when not proactively minding your own thoughts, can be led down a path where the entire universe is thought to be at fault for situations and circumstances in your life. You are, absolutely, in control of what takes place in your life. Through pre-planning before your arrival in this lifetime and in the decisions and energy you maintain throughout this life – you are in control.

Your current situation is precisely what you have attracted to you. The difference between happiness and anger is two areas: your ability or willingness to be happy and your willingness or ability to change when change is needed. More importantly, understand that change will occur no matter if you willingly chase or cause it. Though in this case you are more impacted by change than you are the creator of change.

A guide to help you get started:

Keep it Simple: Unclutter Your Mind to Uncomplicate Your Life

Stop, take a deep breath. We are often observing what appear to be humans who have complex reasons for complex situations. When you view the situation of problem only from within your brain you will see each circumstance as that which takes heaven and earth to repair. Genuine independent observations of the mind require the removal, if only for a moment, from the emotion surrounding the event or condition. Remove yourself, breathe, meditate if you feel called to do so, and you will have the understanding and problems are not problems, and any adversity or any change you require is not truly a requirement. Through this practice you will see that any movement or cure to a problem is quite simple. It does not take complex structures and thoughts to rule your life, only a genuine willingness to do so while in harmony with your higher self – the self that lives beyond any lifetime.

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