All change can begin small

Your self is the most important person in your life, this is true. You can impact those around you and it is more wise, it is more serving to yourself and others to share your experience, to lend a hand, and to otherwise positively impact the environment and the people around you. You can do this with words and actions.

You begin doing this by mentally removing yourself from hate which exists around you. You can begin this by mentally removing yourself from hate which exists within you.

This is not a difficult task, difficulty is persistence and consistence to maintain this new practice for an extended period of time. Do not consider yourself “fallen off the path” if you begin this process of eliminating hate from your being and you return back to it from time to time. This is not failure, this is not a requirement for suffering a punishment. Simply return to your work and maintain a balance.

With all new thoughts, with all new plans that you formulate, in order to begin change, it is possible to begin dramatically or all at once. However, long held beliefs are best removed in smaller increments. Take small steps to make change. Remember that you are not subject to a timeline other than your own. Do not worry and do not go about comparison of your progress to the progress of another.

Progress is progress. Gentle easy progress build confidence, energy, and the power to overcome obstacles and hurdles to your success. The key is to start now and start today!

This message was received by a medium from a Spirit Guide. To read more messages from Spirit please visit the Spirit Messsge Archive or read our available metaphysical and spiritual books

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