Something along the way?

A message to for you for today as sent by Spirit and received by a medium: “Something along the way” is what everyone hopes to find. Your hope to find something often clouds the journey itself. Remember, you are in control of this journey. You are not subject to the high and low points in the road, do not wait for something to spring up in your life and along your path, seek it out, make it happen. Do not subject yourself to the waves, tell the ocean what you wish from it!

Absolving yourself of your past is not the main pursuit of this or any life. You may experience unique circumstances because of your past but you are not a slave to previous actions. You are moving through a level of understanding. You may be pushed to do a specific type of work or activity because of your previous actions, but know this too is of your own doing. You must release your sense of obligation from your mind. If it is your will to do or not do, this is all that is required.

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