Living in Oblivion – A message via mediumship

What forms of self-assessment do you use? What methods and forms in your mind or outside of you indicate to you that things are working and functioning as they should be? There some specific answers you may have and these are correct. However, understand that they are correct for you and correct for now. Do not hold to these beliefs that “everything is perfect” because it does not consider the constantly changing nature of existence.

Also understand that you are using your own resources and mental faculties to assess your own mental resources and faculties. These are not infallible, they are perfect for you and your existence, but remember that it is the ego that demands you charge ahead blindly in life. It is the ego that demands you be correct at all costs and retain power while acquiring more.

Reflect on your existence, reflect on your soul, and understand that you are not this physical existence and you are not just a product of your birth parents. You are so much more than what society and humanity consistently let’s you be. Remember, it is your permission that anyone or anything needs to instill these wonderful or burdensome beliefs within you, it is time now to release them. It is time to quit relying on others and their examples or opinions of existence and your life and the comparison between ‘ideal’ and you.

So many being in existence scrutinize others. We evaluate others constantly. The vast majority of beings in existence, though well-intended, live a life of auto-pilot when it comes to assessing and controlling their own existence. You excuse, you dismiss, you mentally dismantle your very reason for existence and become a repetitive copy of those who surround you.

Remember, comfort and fear are not indications of right and wrong. Abusive and hurtful words and actions from other can stay with you your entire existence and you may never want to leave that existence, simply because these things are comfortable and familiar to you. Fear is not a sign of failure, fear is not an indication that something was the wrong choice. Fear is your mental, physical, and spiritual response to those things and situations that are uncomfortable, new, and not yet familiar. Do not allow your entire existence to be controlled by something so simple and easy to explain. It is a tool for measurement, it is not a tool or emotion for control.

Worry first about the inside, worry first about your mind, body, and spirit. Assume your self-assessment is incorrect, bring your ‘self’ back down from the clouds for a moment, and evaluate what’s happening.

Don’t build a foundation by simply placing bricks over old wounds, old patterns, and old people. Process these things and ask why they existed. Evaluate the opposition to these old things, evaluate opinions to those things to which you are so convinced you have placed behind you.

You must be less oblivious and now is the time for inward inspection.

This message was communicated to Psychic Medium Alexander Zielinski by Spirit Guides Wind and Dr. Brolovan. To read additional messages from Spirit please visit the Spirit Message Archive or view our available Spiritual and Metaphysical books.

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