A new perception, a new reality is within your power and control

There comes a time when you must evaluate the needs for any particular plan or process in your life. Many messages may be directing you to an inward focus, and for now, and forever, this is the process in which you should engage. It is not the exterior world that needs bending to your will. Your physical mind can bend to your will be we are often not as demanding on our physical minds except for punishment. Punishment within the human mind is an exceptional skill. You can demand great things from the outside world but you do not demand and use the power that is within your mind. What occurs is the punishment when the outcome is not what you feel it should be. There is little focus on how things can be altered or adapted by thought alone. It is not a surprise to many but it must be utilized for a greater purpose.

We never intend to steer you towards higher pursuits because we consider another pursuit unworthy. Your pursuits are your own though we are attempting to help you ascend, in general terms, to a broader sense of learning, thinking, processing, and perceiving. Helping others is important. The success of one makes easier the success of many, but your life is your responsibility and the purpose of your existence. It takes very little to refocus the mind but society does not express to you how to focus on anything but your next paycheck and instant gratification. Do not be fooled by the societal image of what success or failure might be. Understand that your own well-being is paramount, your own learning is paramount. You can understand these things when you remove the “but…” from your statement of possibilities. I want to do this but… I want to do that but… Life can be this way but… I want peace but… I’m happy with my partner but… These are all extensions of the physical world around you and are not example statements of the power you possess. You may have satisfactory answers to these statements but since the ego controls them you will always find the next problem, and the next “but…” to take the place of the first. Also, know that in these statements the ego cannot be satisfied. You may receive information on any of these statements but that is not truly what the ego or the statement is looking for. The statement and the ego are looking for greater reasons to create more fear within the mind, to find more power in the physical world, and to eliminate all sources of information and futility except for the ego itself.

Become a greater evaluator of the self and allow your thinking and perception to settle on the root of issues and areas beyond your immediate circle of life. There is so much more but we are concerned always about right here. Look up, look out, look beyond to more. Humanity has conditioned you to look only in your neighborhood, or only in your family, or only in your immediate sphere of comfort. There is much more to life than any of your top ten areas of concern. We do not dismiss these to you but understand that problems created in the physical are not solved in the physical. They may appear to be repaired in specific ways but the energy associated with them will manifest in new areas, creating new problems. We identify these problems but in the human existence, we do not readily identify that this is the same source.

This information was given by a Spirit Being, Dr. Brolovan, to Alex by way of mediumship. To read more messages from Spirit please visit the Spirit Message Archive or check out the list of available Metaphysical and Spiritual books

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