Facts of heart and mind

Supplying facts is the highest aim of this dialogue. We state it here because we wish you to ask yourself: Do you supply facts? 

How much of your speech or actions are colored by bias or unequal perspectives of a situation? A drastic change is necessary but it is not one in which the world lives completely detached from emotion. Realize that you are two centers and two rationalities – the heart and the mind. You are not separate from a math problem because it appears to be purely analytical and without feeling. You are not separate from the emotional condolences because they have no factual bearing in your world. You are both of these things. You are limitless and multi-faceted. You are all of these things in every moment of your being. It is important that both thoughts be discussed and analyzed – What does the analytical mind say? What does the emotion say?

A concern might be knowing when to engage one thought center over the other. You engage them both simultaneously. How do you know if one is overrunning the other? Meditation. Meditation is the key that unlocks so many things on your plane. So many things you do not have time for, so many people wanting to slow down and think – meditation is all of these things. Meditation allows better observation, processing, and understanding when you are in meditation and when you are out of meditation. 

We have mentioned this “autopilot” lifestyle. Meditation is not only beneficial to you in the meditation, it is beneficial to you outside of meditation. You may say that if you are on autopilot now After a routine meditation program is embraced the autopilot leaves. You are less automatic in responses and actions in this world. After carrying out meditation you are able, if you would like to use this analogy, to watch the world in slow motion and respond effectively from both centers – the heart and the mind. 

This is not an attempt to ignore the physical for the spiritual. This is not an attempt to leave purely in your kind and forsake the physical. This meditation practice is a method of establishing harmony between all of your facets of existence, not one more dominant than the other.  

This message was received from a Spirit Guide called Dr. Brolovan, by a Psychic Medium. To read more messages from Spirit please visit the Spirit Message Archive or the list of available Spiritual and Metaphysical books containing messages received from Spirit about the true nature of human existence and the life beyond it.

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