All workloads require rest

A good night’s rest is more important than a good day’s work. Understand that you are under no direct order to perform any specific amount of labor. Do not place yourself under such strict orders that you must work your days to complete exhaustion. You earn no points in the “game of life” simply because you feel it is wise or best to do the work of 50 people. 

Your sleep must be a priority. Your sleep is your priority. Your day will come after you make your rest a priority. Allow the mind and body to reset and recycle. Give yourself peace of exceptional rest. Give yourself the freedom from responsibility and expectation and worry. Give yourself permission to rest and rest completely.

This message was received from “the other side” or the “spirit world.” It was sent by a Spirit Being known as Dr. Brolovan and was received by Alexander Zielinski, a medium. To read more messages from Spirit visit the Spirit Message Archive or shop our available Spiritual and Metaphysical Books 

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