Society says…but I don’t

Everyone has their own place and their own time for success. That’s what life feels like, doesn’t it? You feel like you aren’t successful because this isn’t your moment yet. This isn’t your time to shine and “the world just isn’t ready yet.”

The great news? All of the preceding statements are comforting, limiting, and ignoring. They’re ignoring what you can do right now in any situation! They’re limiting how much power, control, and action you can take at any single moment in your existence! Statements like this ignore that you are boundless! You are limitless! 

SOCIETY tells you that right now isn’t the best time. Society and peers tell you it just wasn’t meant to be. YOU are the one who decided. YOU are the one in control. Make your decisions for you. Don’t allow others to exert their will and control over your life. Don’t live a life constantly measuring yourself against someone else’s expectations. YOU are the super-genius rockstar! You are the powerful and compassionate being that you are here to be! Take the reins and change course now! It’s not their judgement you’re worried about, it’s your own. 

This message was received from Spirit by a medium. To read more messages from Spirit and to read more channeled messages visit the Spirit Message Archive or browse our available Spiritual and Metaphysical Books. 

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