The inside world has the answers

The greatest pain we receive is within ourselves. We determine our reactions, we determine how we respond to the words and situations we experience. It is your life, you can make changes. 

A question of making a change or to remain steadfast and patient is never a question that is truly about the situation. This tho of question about the power to make your decisions as you see fit has more to do with your feeling of powerlessness. Real or actual this is your mind. It is your own understanding that will build comfort in the current situation or find greater comfort and new experiences as the new events unfold. 

There is no loss in any situation. They are born from your own mind. This is worth doing now, sort though your priorities. There is always an opening and an opportunity on every path. 

This message was received by a medium from a Spirit Being. You can read additional channeled messages by visiting the Spirit Message Archive or browsing our Spiritual and Metaphysical Books.

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