Not just two sides of the coin

The space within you represents the greater reaches of space. All things that are your exterior world are also represented by your interior world. We say these things to you now in the hopes that you understand the careful guarded consideration that your environment needs. This devastation and chemical poisoning of the exterior world represents the devastation and poisoning of your own internal mind, body, and spirit. 

This outside world you live within cannot be repaired by physical means alone. If this were true you would see instant repair after the financial returns were awarded for recycling programs and others. All of these are occurring and taking place because of financial impact and convenience while billed as saviors of the environment, they are superficial in their absolute nature. 

It is also true that many things are superficial in your mind. You are offered peace with a specific purchase, though a specific mindset, but all you need is you! It is not through a specific person, a specific possession, or a popular friendship or affiliation. These are superficial. Your inside world can be repaired but requires both inside and outside world attention. The outside world can be repaired but requires both inside world and outside world attention. 

There is no separation of these two realms. They are constant, they are persistent, they are one. Understand that any solution born of one area, inside or outside, only leads to superficial repairs to the overall mindset of humanity and civilization. 

Existence is not two opposing sides of the same coin, existence is the coin in its entirety – not seperate, not two halves working within a vacuum.  

This message was received by a medium from a Spirit Being. This message is intended as guidance and higher perspective for your personal and global existence. You can read more messages like this in the Spirit Message Archive, browsing our available Spiritual and Metaphysical Books, or booking a reading with Alex.

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