Archangel Oracle Card for April 27, 2018

Look, listen, and feel your own energy. What do you need? What don’t you need? It’s time to clean and clear away the mental and psychic clutter. Using the method below, visualization, intention, or any chakra healing and clearing method, focus on your energy center’s cleaning and clarity today.

Chakra Clearing

Archangel Metatron: “Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes.”

Additional Message: Metatron used sacred geometry shaped to clear and align the chakra energy centers in our bodies. Mentally ask Metatron to open your chakras, he’ll gently send his “Metatron Cube” (the shape pictured in the card illustration) through the crown chakra at the top of your head. The cube rotates downward, cleaning psychic toxins from your body and chakras. When your chakras are clear, you’ll feel more energized and have increased intuition.

Working with Archangel Metatron: Metatron’s aura is beautiful violet and sea foam green stripes. The crystal aligned with Metatron’s energy is watermelon tourmaline.

This message was received by a medium from a Spirit Being. This message is intended as guidance and higher perspective for your personal and global existence. You can read more messages like this in the Spirit Message Archive, browsing our available Spiritual and Metaphysical Books, or booking a reading with Alex.

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