Archangel Oracle and Reiki Card for May 7, 2018

“Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.”

Cards for you, for today. If you are a Reiki person this is a meditation you can perform, if you are NOT, this card refers to your ability to sit quietly without interference, without distraction. Sit with your own mind and no other stimulation or outside influence. YOU have the answers, YOU know what you need to do. YOU have a team of energy beings or angels around you helping you. Sit quietly and let the answer come forward.

In this problem-solving be courageous in carrying out the answer you receive. In your life today be courageous, do not allow others to waiver on your beliefs. Do this only when you are aware of your own beliefs. Do not blindly charge ahead, others can change your mind, only do so if you wish it, but be strong and convicted in your beliefs. Do not hide them away, do not squander your knowledge simply because of the judgment you may receive. Their response or their beliefs are not your responsibility, YOU are your responsibility!

Additional Message: In this situation, you need to act upon your convictions, even if others disagree. I’m protecting you from harm and guiding you to be a loving warrior of light. As you stand up for your beliefs, you’re a role model for others. This is an important form of spiritual teaching, in which your example give others courage to also stand up for their own principles.

Working with Ariel: Ariel’s name means “Lioness of God” and she reflects these qualities including bravery, courage, focus, and elegant movements. If you notice images of lions or lionesses, this signals that Ariel is with you. Call upon her to boost your confidence and courage.

This message was received from a Spirit Guide by a medium. To see more messages from Spirit visit the Spirit Message Archive, browse our Spiritual and Metaphysical Books, or book a Reiki session or reading with Alex

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