Help them usher in change

In time your world is going to change dramatically. The fear that so many have now is this impermanence that they detect. Many human souls become uneasy when change is near. Specifically, change that is not necessarily consciously initiated by their own action or thought. You can assist them, you can help them, by seeing for them. Showing them that the road ahead is not dangerous.

What is important is that it is often necessary to illustrate the nature of change or the solution to “dealing” with change before the change occurs. This is similar to back pain, a pain you want addresses right now can be dealt with but often the work to strengthen or alleviate pain is done before the acute flare up.

Before someone is in the middle of a perceived crisis it is important to instruct them on the useful mental and physical tools available to them. Yesterday Alex mentioned meditation and suicide. Meditation has a positive impact on all levels of your existence at all times, it is the redirection to it that is helpful. It is the understanding that even though you are in distress, you can focus on such tools to lessen, reduce, or eliminate the impact or such distress.

Share your knowledge, share with others, not only share during their crisis, share today so that the tools can be used as soon as they are ready.

You have a positive and uplifting impact, worry less about how much or how little the other beings around you adhere or accept various thoughts, beliefs, and practices. “In their own time” is as much (a statement) for your understanding as it is for theirs.

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