Reiki and Energy focus for June 1, 2018

This card comes from a deck or Reiki cards used to guide your intuition and Reiki for the day. You can also use them as a more specific method of divination similar to tarot or oracle cards. The messages are not exclusive to Reiki practitioners and you are not limited in focusing your energy or your healing efforts without Reiki.

For a demonstration of energy work that you can perform right now please visit the A Higher Vibration Facebook page to watch a live stream of this practice: Facebook video —> What is Reiki? What can I do if I don’t know it?

A message for you for today from the Reiki deck, and an exceptional exercise  for you to practice:

This practice is best started in a dimly lit room, using candles or a small lamp to provide light. If you are not a Reiki practitioner you can simply replace the word Reiki with “love” or “healing” or any word you feel drawn to. Though, often the words or emotions that make us the most uncomfortable are the ones we need to experience and process the most.

As the card says you may also see the color of the energy field(s) around the body. Once you’ve completed this exercise you can also use a friend instead of a mirror. In this situation you are sending energy to each other instead of to yourself.

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