The voice

When we see each other there is concern that we are not that person, or they are not like us, or they have something we do not. When does conversation take place without comparison? Test yourself in this aspect today. Observe our own words and mind while engaged in conversation. Your literal words may even express this comparison but you will notice an internal dialogue that takes place during the conversation.

You are not losing your mind, you are not experiencing a crisis. This internal dialogue is always present and speaks volumes about the true state of your existence. You are not just the words or thoughts that come from you in spoken or written words.

This voice can echo a truer message about your state of existence. You may feel you are a kind person but this voice shared demeaning or derogatory criticism at the first mistake. You might speak happiness and joy for the perceived success of a co-worker or friend but your inner voice speaks jealousy and anger inside you. It is not enough in this world to have a veneer that is perceived in a certain way, it is the existence beneath that outer layer which needs work, needs to match the intention of your words. Both aspects pointed directly upon your desire, internal and external, have an incredible power that is not realized by most. Most will be frustrated because a goal or objective isn’t manifesting. There can be many reasons for this but conflict between the two aspects of yourself can cause the greatest setback and be the greatest anchor preventing your ship from sailing.

This message was received from a Spirit Guide by a medium. To see more messages from Spirit visit the Spirit Message Archive, browse our Spiritual and Metaphysical Books, or book a Reiki session or reading with Alex.

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