The many forms of being driven

A message for today that observes the drive in all of us. We label certain activities or hobbies but this same drive, in positive and negative pursuits, is always present. Through comparison we feel better or worse and through activities we have the drive for experiences here. Some may love animals, sports, drugs, food, television, or fixing what they perceive “wrong” in other people. We are all the same no matter how this appears in each unique life.


There is an emptiness that is often screaming out to be filled. This emptiness is in every soul in existence but can be observed in many forms. You are fulfilled by other things or by others. This is not a grotesque description of humanity, only a recognition that there is a driving force in every being for some particular cause, sensation, or to gratify a level of completeness.

This is why popular television programs and the mainstays is social media are so popular. Even those who are dismissive of them have this feeling or sensation, even if they never expose themselves to these outlets. Their “cure” or “fix” is simply found in other ways. The difference between society 50 years ago and society today is only the activities used to satiate this drive or hunger.

There will always be a certain level of this drive in everyone. It is often what leads to your life’s work or what fuels your existence in a particular hobby, line of work, or other passion. All is not negative when we share it. All is not negative when humanity requests it.

Thriving on yourself and metering your pursuits is wise. Often when one becomes hyper focused in a particular area there are others that are weakened, lessened, or forgotten. This too is not negative it is simply the illustration of energy and attention being focused.

Even the activities that you consider uplifting or positive can be performed to detriment. Do not simply gaze upon others because their fulfillment comes from activities and hobbies different from your own. You, and anyone else in this existence, is simply using the drive given to you to understand and pursue your experience here.

How can someone break away from a particular activity when feeding this drive?

Lessen your focus upon it. Place the focus of your energy elsewhere. There are many self examinations or considerations that will be made by those who wish to cease an activity. You must simply choose and then act upon your new path. In many cases it must be considerable effort because you have spent so many years and so much energy on a particular method of relief or passion. Many revert to the previous activity because the energy is like a reservoir but also familiar and comforting. The activity should not be changed by societal judgement alone but caused by the reasoning of the individual. Exposing them to new paradigms will interrupt the euphoria they feel, remember that this can be for activity or thought seen as positive or negative upon your plane.

The divine interruption or natural progression of energy that causes an interruption of this focus is simply an illustration of change. The change being requested prior to entry in this lifetime or the change of society or the change within people. Change is perceived as difficult but it is for you to see. The understanding of impermanence is key.


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