Animal Tarot for June 28, 2018

Happy Thursday from gorgeous Arizona! Today’s message seems to follow closely with yesterday’s. One card threw itself at me from the deck before I could even begin shuffling. I knew it was supplemental to the card of the day. Today’s card is the Eight of Winter:

The only restrictions you have are the ones you put on yourself because you fail to see that there might be other options. Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees, but if we could open ourselves up to listen to others and allow them to guide us we can find a way out of the box we have closed ourselves in.

The card that jumped out- Prince of Autumn- is telling you that you can find your way out by making a plan and then going for it. Now. This does not need to be fast, but it needs to be now. Don’t look back. Don’t stop. JUST KEEP GOING. My guide Fred placed his hands on my back in a very comforting way and it tells me that you are safe, you are strong, and you are more than capable of doing this. Think of how a father’s job is usually to push us to do the hard thing- like taking the training wheels off our bikes even though we know we are going to fall- but he has seen what we can’t see- that we are already balanced and we won’t fall.

You are NOT stuck here forever. This is not all there is. You know what you want – make the plan and GO!


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