Reiki card for July 3, 2018

Knees, hips, legs

The message today is to be flexible about moving forward. Often we fear the unknown or we are worried about the future and the path ahead. When we worry or fill our thoughts with fear we stop all progress and we are at a standstill in life – petrified by what isn’t going our way, or the thoughts of what might not go our way.

Exert your energy, share your thoughts, dedicate your time and see the work manifesting and constructing great things for you. You can read this as metaphor, a positive analogy, but it is better understood as literal creation where you focus our effort. Allow creation to take many forms, allow creation to take you forward. The future is not to be feared and the future is quite a lot more than a period of unknowns.

Knees, ankles, feet, legs, and hips may need rest, rest them, but to move forward and to allow the flow of energy in every aspect of your life you must allow yourself to be flexible and move forward with life. Gentle use is better than no use. Balanced use is better than years of stagnation followed by a marathon.

If your concern is “I have nothing to look forward to,” you answer is: your existence is everything to look forward to. It is our routine, perspective, and where you focus your time that needs changing. You have this moment and all the others that follow it to make changes and see it as an experiment to arrive at different outcomes. You are an explorer, a scientist, a scholar here to experience it all. Eliminate routine where it does not serve you. Create new experiences and step outside your comfort zone when you feel stuck, blocked, defeated, or depleted.

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