Animal Tarot for July 5, 2018

Look at your abundance. Do you have extra money? Health? Time? You have been working hard for what you have achieved, and wealth and health are extremely important. However, giving to those who do not have something is extremely important for our hearts. Maybe you have a little extra money? Perhaps donating it to a local charity would be good, but the Kiwi bird wants you to follow your nose and give somewhere that it’s really needed and will be put to good use. Maybe a less fortunate neighbor could benefit from a bag of groceries, or help with the electric bill? Maybe you know a struggling family who could use help purchasing school supplies this year? But remember that wealth is not always monetary. You could mow the grass for an elderly neighbor, or offer to help a friend complete a house repair. The point is, you already know who could use your help. Instead of lounging around on the couch and watching TV, or purchasing random junk at the local dollar store, use your time and/or money for good. Your heart will be happy and other lives will be enriched. These types of gifts of abundance change everyone in wonderful ways.

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