Animal Tarot for July 8, 2018

Our past shapes who we become. You could probably look at your life now and think of at least two things that lead you to this moment. Some of these things are good, but often we choose things based on a trauma or something we remember as terrible. We seek to avoid it, or we blame others or that event for why we have become what we are. But here’s the thing about memories- they change over time. They are distorted by what our experiences were in the moment and as we evolve and change. No two people will have the same memory of an event, and rarely does any person recall the event as it truly was- especially as time passes. Neuroscientists even say that memories change as we are remembering them. So keep this in mind. Something from your past is coming back, and you need to keep your heart open to this experience. The goose is a loving and loyal animal and so you should expect this to involve a family member or a romantic relationship. You should enter this openly and nurture it. Don’t let the past hold you back from the future.

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