Archangel Oracle for July 11, 2018

You have the power to make change. Don’t say you don’t have time. Don’t say you don’t have the energy. No matter if it’s a healthy mind, physical body, relationships, ideas, or anything else you can change it. It’s not just weight. It’s not just what you eat. It’s also your energy and where you spend it, where it goes. These are your choices for mind body and spirit.

Take the action to make your idea tangible. Fitness is multifaceted, there are more areas to measure than what the scale will tell you. Balance it all, balance it all and relax. Make it real.

This message was received from a Spirit Guide by a medium. To see more messages from Spirit visit the Spirit Message Archive, browse our Spiritual and Metaphysical Books, or book a Reiki session or reading with Alex.

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