Animal Tarot for July 12, 2018

All of us second guess everything. We analyze over and over again. We dream of things and immediately have at least ten negative thoughts of why it won’t work out or why we shouldn’t do it. Today’s message is telling us to stop that and open ourselves up for the adventure. My guides advise us to take this to a deeper level than what this seems on the surface. This message isn’t about taking a new job or starting some new project necessarily. They ask you to look much deeper within yourself and take the adventure with emotion. We are emotional beings and yet we work so hard to remove the emotion from everything. We tell ourselves that emotions are weak or get in the way of goals. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Open your heart to experience, allow the emotion to run freely through you, feel love for yourself- friends, family, and strangers. Feel pain. Feel sorrow. Feel joy. This is where you will find the greatest understanding of life. This does not mean that we take the negativity that comes from emotion and allow it to dictate our actions- such as anger turning into hatred and acts of hate. We are not to argue to the death when it comes to opposing views with someone else. Rather this just speaks to us allowing ourselves to feel what is happening to us. Stop blocking yourself with walls and logic. The heart is the deepest truth. It isn’t influenced by societal stigmas or ideals imposed upon us by our families. The sad or painful things that happen to us are not “bad.” With sorrow and pain you will appreciate and come to actually find true joy and happiness, and through this you will find out who you really are.

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