Animal Tarot for July 14, 2018

Ah! The slow moving cow! Patience- have patience! Now more than ever, we want things now. Too often we are too quick to give up because it isn’t happening along our desired timeline. Just because the cow is slow, doesn’t meant it doesn’t have a lot going on. This is a very active time. You feel trapped in a situation that feels wrong. You have to sort through a lot of confusion and work on your plan. You know what you want, but you’re not sure how to get there. The point is- you know. The actions you take now should be based on your emotional senses. Basically, feel your way through it. Let each emotion bring you closer to your end result. You are more intelligent than anyone gives you credit for, and in that fact you should find relief from the turmoil of decision making. Stop worrying about where you are, where you’ve been- rather use the feelings you have about those things to moo-ove you (joke, courtesy of King Gibraltar) to where you want to be.

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