The “positive attitude” brigade

There have been quite a few messages recently about positivity, being positive, or how our perspective shapes our day and our world. This unusual comment at the beginning paints a picture of how we can get lost in our words and thinking without considering what they really mean, in terms of energy.


“Is it going to suck?” Of course it is if that’s our attitude before we arrive. It isn’t just feel-good hippy talk when we talk a lot positivity or the power of our words. Our words and thoughts program our perspective. If we have these terrible expectations and thoughts our day is then seeking, attracting, and programming terrible day. 

This does not mean you need to smile while standing in the cold rain storm. This only means that each moment is temporary. You are a visitor in each moment. 

Until you believe you have this power to control your day, your career, or your entire life think of it this way: Consider all the emotions you are capable of experiencing as a human. You have a choice in each moment whit what emotion you choose and fill your reactions. Ultimately happiness makes you happy. Spend more time on happiness. Spend more time looking for happiness. 

We do not encourage you to blissfully walk the earth ignoring the spectrum of emotion. You are a being capable of sensory feedback. See that as the adventure, not the punishment. Fill your world with the thoughts and emotions you enjoy. It is not easy at first, it takes effort. This does not imply a lazy soul if they aren’t doing “the work.” Only realize that when you set your mind to it, do “the work” that’s required, you can change everything. 

It’s not enough to want change, you must do the work to produce it. Right now you may feel trapped by any aspect. Many will say “I can’t change this.” You are not wrong. Often the difficulty in the human existence is that you have created your own limitations or you’ve determined the result or the goal is too far into your future. Many want an instant change. In this life classroom it is not instant that produces a result at all times. Seeing a goal in terms of months or years can push a soul to remain in a comfortable or familiar situation. Not because it’s better, not because they failed, but because they closed their own door of opportunity, they didn’t push ahead. You can do these things. You have no limitations. Limitations and restrictions are manmade. 

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