Animal Tarot for July 22, 2018

Following very closely with yesterday’s message is today’s Seven of Summer, again about making a choice. Get healthy! Physically and emotionally! You’ve been putting it off because it sucks to choose. You want the instant gratification of putting that donut or ice cream or alcohol in your mouth, but you know you are going to regret it the very moment after you do it. Maybe you think you don’t have time to exercise, yet you could probably easily find 30 minutes where you sat around and did nothing instead. What’s the point of sabotaging yourself at every turn when you know that in a few months you could be feeling like your best self ever? Imagine what you want and hold that image out there in front of you as a constant reminder of your ultimate goal. Perhaps this is a little deeper. Maybe you have a family member or a friend that is toxic to you. It’s hard to decide to cut that person out of your life because you care too much about what everyone else will think about you. Whether the choice to be made is for physical or emotional need, the point is that now is the time to act. The longer you sit around and mull it over, the worse it becomes inside you. You could be putting it off because it hurts someone else or it inconveniences someone else, but sitting around contemplating it only further damages you and no one can move on. One thing is for sure though, making this choice with your heart out of love for yourself will prove to be a successful path. Yesterday’s Lovers and today’s Seven of Summer- lucky number seven- are reassuring you to go for it.


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