Archangel Oracle cards for July 25, 2018

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and choose a number for guidance. Messages for each card will be posted later today. You can also share your choice on our Facebook page —> LINK

Corresponding Archangel cards and messages via mediumship:

#1 All is Well 

“Frighteningly good news” is the state in which you frequently operate. Dwelling on the “horrible outcome” will always have you seeing it as such. The world nor individual situations are dire. There is not a dramatic change in the physical world that will make everything “ok.” It is your understanding that will make it ok. It is your perspective that makes t ok. It may feel unnatural, it may feel uncomfortable, or even useless but dwell on the positive. Have the positive attitude and focus on gratitude. The physical world around you may not change but you will see that the ‘good’ you want is already present, it’s simply unseen because of where your attention and focus is placed. It is possible to see the forest and the trees simultaneously. 

#2 Spiritual Understanding 

A bonding occurs between humans no matter their relationship. Deep and superficial relationships impact both parties no matter what is seen on the physical surface. Be aware of your words and actions, they are much deeper than the emotions on the surface. Give this attention to others, and give them a second chance. Their actions come from a deeper place no matter if they are aware or not. Their words are not as hate filled as they seem. 

#3 Brilliant Idea 

Often it is your mind that has taken you out of the race long before the start signal sounds. Don’t second-guess your ideas. Do not pity your ideas. Do not bring your ideas to others in a tone or fashion that leaves them questioning how convinced you are of your own plan. You are not focusing on your ego, you are only validating your own power and ability. You are no different than any other human being in this existence. Often, the difference is only that they have chosen to bring it forward. Express yourself, bring your ideas to the light, bring them into the physical world. They are not secondary, they are not junk. You are a divine being and your ideas are coming from a divine mind!

#4 Beloved One 

Those closest to you may take more advantage than you prefer. Understand that there is no obligation to make exceptions to what you tolerate. Replace this close relationship with a stranger. Are you giving greater allowances to one of these people? Hurtful words or crossed boundaries impact you the same way no matter who causes it, and closer relationships can cause deeper emotional hurts. Command the same respect, stop the inappropriate behavior no matter the source. You can still love friends and family but it is you who chooses to enforce or erode your own boundaries and comfort zones. 

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