Animal Tarot for August 5, 2018

You’re exhausted, drained. You have been giving and giving and giving. You have the capacity to see the most beautiful things inside people- the things they themselves cannot see. You push them to realize this beauty they have, but does it feel like they just aren’t getting it? Some would walk away- but not us. Oh no. We keep going after it and after it and after it because we want them to see how valuable they are. We NEED them to see it. If we could just break through… then we can rest, right? The problem with this is that we keep filling them from our cup and somewhere ours empties and we forget to fill it back up. When we forget this, we start to forget our own worth. YOU are a beautiful swan, and you need to look in the mirror and take care of THAT beautiful soul. This is exceptionally hard because we are extremely emotional- we are almost desperate for this other person to find themselves. We have so much love for them inside us that we can’t imagine loving anything else more. We don’t have time for anything more. But, just like yesterday’s lynx reminded us, we need to take a step back and take care of ourselves while we just wait to see what unfolds. Remember that you are a beautiful soul with extreme value also. Practice this self-care and stop pushing things on your own timeline. You are not wrong, but it will all unfold in its own time.


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