Animal Tarot for September 1, 2018

If we let opportunities pass, it’s not always the end of things because often those opportunities can be taken later in our journey. It’s really never too late. However, today my guides want you to know that the longer you keep letting that opportunity go each time it resurfaces, you are losing out on time experiencing something that will be ultimately wonderful for you. How often in your life have you thought, “Why didn’t I do this years ago?!” Or “Why was I so afraid of this?” It’s our own self-imposed fears that make it difficult to take that first step off the train we are currently riding. It doesn’t mean we get off and stop. It just means we are taking a new train to a new destination. This references those decisions that are life changing- that really remove you from what you are currently doing. Maybe it’s a career change? You’ve been scared to try something new because you have worked in your current field your whole life. Or you want to move somewhere but you don’t know anyone there so it worries you? My guides want you to know that you will be safe and happy and successful in your choice to change your course so there is no reason to keep putting it off. Take the step and you’ll be on the fast track to something great!


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