Animal Tarot for September 2, 2018

The squirrel flew out of the deck as I was shuffling. I don’t know how it happened, but it landed on top of the deck, flipped face up, and upside down. So today is my first reading of a reversal, and you get two cards.

You have walls built up around you. You’re protecting yourself but it’s not helping you grow. It is important for you to feel emotion at its extremes. This is designed so that you can truly understand happiness, sadness, every emotion in the spectrum. If you do not allow yourself to experience this, you will always find an empty hole, a void within you. What you will find as you break down the wall is that you open yourself up for greater creativity and passion in your life. Do not live your life to protect you from pain. Live your life so that you feel pain as a result of having loved openly/freely/without inhibition, happiness as having grown through a difficult time. It’s in these extremes we find our ranges of capabilities and there we find our greatness. Tear down the walls you have built so that you free yourself from this thing that makes you feel stuck in this zone of “this is just how it is.” On the other side you will find your muse- the monarch butterfly- a beautiful, energetic, and passionate person that will accompany you on your journey for fulfillment.


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