Monday Meditation September 1, 2018

Welcome to “Meditation Monday!” Below is this week’s video that may need a little more consideration than last week’s meditation. Once again, you can be a beginner or someone who meditates for hours at a time but there is a little “homework” to do before you watch this video.

Meditation or mindfulness typically involves sitting quietly and relaxing. Today’s exercise includes a little more noise than a typical meditation session but for good reason. Before watching today’s video please read the two articles linked below and consider the “stress point.” We will release this stressor during the meditation.

1. Does screaming relieve stress? LINK

2. The power of the relaxation response: LINK

3. Pinpoint the source of your stress, or the top three things that add to your stress. What prevents your balanced state of existence? We will utilize and exercise this tomorrow.

Are you ready? Click play!

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