Animal Tarot for September 13, 2018

Four of Spring- Reversed

There is an imbalance in your home/family situation. Something isn’t flowing the way it should- or the way you feel it should. It’s not so obvious that there is unrest or toxicity, but you can feel that something is off. You probably feel like you can relax, but you never get rested. You aren’t getting the emotional recharge you need. It’s so slight that you have been feeling like you don’t know what’s off. This is what happens when you settle and make a subconscious decision that what you have is good enough or that maybe what you want in life doesn’t exist. Action is required to find happiness/ it doesn’t just happen. If you are a single- maybe you have left the dating scene for awhile- it’s time to get back out there. If you’re attached- it’s possible that you’ve lost sight of the things that made you your own special person. You have to still seek that which makes you shine, or your light snuffs out. When we aren’t shining, others can’t see the real us either, so it throws everything off. However you want your home to feel, you must create the environment to manifest that.


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