Animal Tarot for September 27, 2018

It’s time to believe in yourself. You have everything you need to move forward. It is time for you to come into your own. You no longer need to be concerned with the things of the past, the things that have hurt you. They may have made you who you are, but they do not define you. You are strong and you are courageous. You can do this while remembering that while you have the strength of a lion, you can go in soft like a lamb. Being vulnerable is the strong thing to do. Opening up yourself to the things you fear will make you the strongest you have ever been! We are both gentle and fierce, but you will do best remembering to stay fiercely gentle. You will not overpower, simply because you can. You will be gentle and therefore your strength will be felt in a greater way than if you showed your teeth.

This indicates a new life direction. You are going to make a choice that significantly changes your life. This could be a job or a relationship- it does not appear to be materialistic. However, you are being told that you need to set some things in motion with structure. Make a plan of how you are going to move in this new direction and do it. If you are changing jobs, you need to make a succession plan and a training plan for the person who will take over for you. This will ensure a smooth transition out of your old life and into the new one- in a way that leaves you with no worries of having abandoned something you cared for. If you are leaving a relationship, perhaps you would feel better with a plan of how to properly divide assets so that those you leave have the things they need and even desire- or it could be about having that hard discussion in a systematic and understandable way that all parties understand that this is actually what will make everyone happiest and able to move forward amicably. Whatever the thing is that you are leaving and moving towards, it is clear that you are the leader and you need to lead this charge gently.

And more than anything else, believe in yourself and your ability to make this journey even better than you’ve had it so far.


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