Animal Tarot for October 7, 2018

Does everything feel out of sorts today? Do you feel alone and that nothing is right? I was shown a scene- you’re carrying a metal case full of marbles (looked like a Chinese checkers game, if you know what I mean), some person came by and knocked the box out of your hand- you’re shocked because you couldn’t tell if it was intentional or if they were just that inconsiderate of their own mistake- they kept walking and you’re left with marbles everywhere and a loud crash that really is kind of embarrassing because now everyone is looking at you. And what do you do? You feel badly like this was your fault. You can sit there and hate on yourself all day thinking of all the things you could have done to prevent the incident, or you can just shrug it off and clean up the marbles without destroying yourself. It’s just a setback for a moment. (Just make sure you pick up all of the marbles, or the game can never be played fully again.) It’s going to take time to move forward, but you aren’t losing ground. Kind of like this gazelle, who has to move in zigzags to get away from predators- he’s still moving and after his predator is confused enough to quit, the gazelle moves on his intended path.


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