Animal Tarot for October 11, 2018

Today’s message is about self-care. Yes, rest is important. Taking time to fuel your body properly or to work out is important. But that isn’t the self-care they want you to know about.

Emotions. Too often we hold back. We think we shouldn’t get angry, or we shouldn’t cry. These emotions aren’t wrong because they aren’t happy or positive. They still exist within you and need to be expressed. This doesn’t mean that I’m telling you to go scream at anyone or hurt anyone. Just because you have negative energy does not make it ok to put that onto others. No, instead find a way to physically let it out. Ground. Push the negativity out of your body through breathing. Go to a place where it is safe to scream as loudly as you want to. (I love going to the lake where the wind drowns out my screams and then wraps around me like a beautiful hug.) Cry. Oh my, cry the ugliest cry. Let it out. Feel every ounce of pain oozing out of your tear ducts and the heaviness of your heart expel with your voice.

Self-care is allowing yourself to experience all that is within you. Don’t fear it. You need it. For when you get through it, the things that confuse you become more clear. The things you want in life become obvious. The direction you need to go is no longer blocked. And you have nothing to lose, because you’ve already been through it all.

You all know the tale of the ugly duckling… trust me, you will be a beautiful swan.


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