Animal Tarot for October 21, 2018

Self-care needs to be the goal. Stop trying to rescue everyone (you sweet empaths you). Today’s message is building upon yesterday’s. Chase your dreams and goals without a concern for what everyone else tells you or thinks you should do. It’s not time to make everyone else feel good about your actions. Don’t be rude or dangerous, of course. But don’t put your journey on hold because you think someone else isn’t coming along. It’s not up to you to bring them. It’s up to you to live your life, spread your own joy, and reach your potential. Too often we hold off on ourselves because we think we are being selfish. Could it not also be selfish to not become what you are meant to be thereby keeping that from those around you too? Love people where they are at, but don’t wait for them to decide YOU can continue your journey. You don’t need their buy-in. When you are spreading your light and joy without need for approval, the people who are meant to be on your future journey will be alongside you then.


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