Halloween Oracle choice for October 22, 2018

Good morning! If you met me at any of this weekend’s three shows please know that you were part of something amazingly magnificent! If I missed you – there’s always next time.

For today, choose a card, 1,2,3, or 4. Keep scrolling to see the card you chose and the channeled message that comes with it for you.

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#1: Pausing for a breathe of fresh air is what is suggested at this time. As winter comes so does the crisper air. While it appears as if life is fading within our lives take a moment to see the new energy that is in abundance all around. Take a deep breath of this new air and energy. It’s not too cold, you can handle it! The pause will do you good! Go outside, close your eyes, and breathe!

#2: Happiness is not found in fixing the outside world. Happiness is not found by removing the faults of others. Take the time to find a new route, a new way of viewing the world. Constantly identifying the frustrating is not creating peace for you. The ability to be the source of your own happiness in any situation is real happiness. Happiness based on people, places, things, or temperamental validation from others is only short-lived.

#3: While the icons and leaders around you change places, do they change the world? In your own life, as you seek various opportunities, are you changing your life or merely changing erroneous titles?

#4: Don’t use things, items, or ideas to hide pain and suffering. Allow it to come to the surface. In an attempt to keep yourself at peace and maintain and image of “I’ve totally got this” YOU are the one who is suffering. Stop propping up old ideas and old ways of doing things if they aren’t leading to your happiness! You don’t have to have it together constantly. People aren’t exhausting, the world isn’t exhausting – keeping up appearances while emotions are boiling over in the inside, THAT’S exhausting.



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