Animal Tarot for October 27, 2018

This Persian cat spends most of her time grooming, and therefore is telling you that you need to practice serious self-care. You need to stop ignoring yourself. You work so hard, but you’re forgetting that this isn’t for everyone else. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself in order to give others what they want or need. Taking care of you first allows you the happiness and energy it takes to successfully help others, so stop worrying that you are taking something from them. It’s not up to you to fill in the gaps for others- you can’t keep doing everything for them. Perhaps by watching you take action for yourself, you will actually inspire others to do the same. I know what you’re saying, “They can’t do it without me; they need me.” The point is, they aren’t experiencing it at all if you keep doing it for them. And all you are doing is holding yourself back for people who aren’t even trying to help themselves. So, like this rescue cat- which jumped out of the deck at me- let go of what has been and embrace this new journey with an open heart. This cat is on quite an adventure, and you should be too- so look at travel or a relocation with an open mind. Especially if it’s near water!! Take a cruise or move to the beach! It will invigorate your soul and your passion for yourself. In this way, you will have the ability to help others. You can keep beating your head against the wall to give someone what they need, but you are only enabling to remain as they are. Isn’t it more awesome to be someone achieving their goals and have others say, “Man, you are inspirational! I’m going to go out and do [this] too!” Which person do you want to be? The enabler or the inspirer?


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