Animal Tarot for November 1, 2018

Now is time to show those you love how you love. Holding your emotions back is something you do because you are worried about how others might perceive it. This is not about them- it is about you. Your love and your emotion is YOU- not their opinion of you. Would it hurt if they did not reciprocate? Absolutely. But alternatively, how can they appreciate you for what you are if you don’t show them everything you are? How can you feel confident that you have given each opportunity a fair shake if you have held yourself back from experiencing it in its entirety? We are good at knowing that holding “negativity” in is poisonous to our bodies and souls, but not expressing good energy can have the same effect. Be you, 100% you, and let the emotion flow. We get back what we put into the universe- if you’re only putting 30% out… Stop being afraid and put yourself out there for exactly what you want. This is where you will attract your life- your friends, your family, your experiences.


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