Animal Tarot for November 8, 2018

I have a new deck I’m working to learn, and so I would like to share it with you. Today’s reading consists of two cards- the first is from the Animal Tarot. This card is about your current situation. The second card is from the Energy Tarot. This signifies the energy you are putting into changing this situation. I hope you enjoy this new deck. Feedback is highly encouraged.

The situation- 15 Ego: Not to quote the card, but you definitely feel trapped where you are. This situation you find yourself in is nearly smothering your life force, yet you are hell-bent to stay in the situation. You’re afraid to step out of it because you feel you are going to lose something of value. It’s possible that you could actually gain more if you do step out of it. Maybe you lose the very thing that are holding you- and possibly everyone else in your situation- down. Maybe you are sacrificing yourself to save something that isn’t actually in jeopardy. What you think will happen is more of a fear that it will happen- it’s not guaranteed that it will happen. It’s not guaranteed that you will lose anything. It’s also not guaranteed that your sacrifice will keep you from losing what you fear to lose. Sacrificing yourself means you aren’t refilling your own cup. It means you aren’t there for those around you. You are living less than what you could be and therefore shortchanging everyone in the situation.

The energy in the situation: 5 of Wands- instead of choosing to find happiness through this situation, it seems that you just want to butt heads with anyone who threatens what little you’re trying to grasp onto. You’re literally fighting people who aren’t trying to take anything from you.
Think of a little “yappy” dog. A person walks by the house. The dog is inside the house and starts barking and losing his mind over this person walking by as though they are going to come in and steal all the bones in the house. Now imagine a big golden retriever, laying on the porch, basking in the warmth of the sun. A person walks by the house. The dog barely even looks up from the porch and makes no sound. Make sense? Be the big dog, not the yappy one. Stay peaceful. Stop butting heads. Stop beating your head against the wall and seeing stars because you think this is what you have to protect. The only one fighting, is you. And it’s because you don’t even know what you’re fighting for so you’re literally fighting for anything.

Because in this scenario- (your scenario) the master of the house hasn’t even been to the grocery store to buy the bones to stock the cupboard. Who was happier? The yappy dog or the golden retriever?


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