Animal Tarot for November 10, 2018

The very fact that you are here reading this tells me that you acknowledge some type of higher power- God, the Goddess, Jesus, Mary, your angels, your guides, the universe, or whatever it may be. We know to give them thanks for what they teach us. In life, we are constantly reminded to give credit to others, and we should. But today’s message wants to remind you that you need to give credit to YOU. You have put in the work. You have sacrificed. You have persevered. You have gotten to this point and have set yourself up for a great future, and it’s time for you to recognize that in YOU. The unwilling cannot be helped, therefore no one is responsible for this progress but you. It’s time to show yourself some love. This could be a reward or a break, but my guides specifically show me “allow” and therefore I believe it’s time you allow yourself the freedom to take what you want. You don’t need permission from anyone but you. In that decisive moment to allow yourself to be free from your perception of everyone else’s current and future expectations, you will be free and content to be exactly who you are.


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