Animal Tarot for November 22, 2018

What you have to be thankful for: (Dragonfly, gazelle, bee, unicorn) This year you’ve been learning that all the challenges you’ve had to endure are leading you to where you eventually want to be. It’s become clear that there is a higher purpose and the downs in life have really been opportunities to rise from the ashes and be more amazing than you’ve ever been. You have become proud of who you are now, rather than continuing to beat yourself up for not being further along. You’ve learned to see the beauty in the mundane. You’ve learned that while it’s ultimately up to you to do the work, it’s also ok to ACCEPT help from others- especially in the form of camaraderie, not necessarily their helping hands. You’ve found the value in having people around who simply want to be around you. You’ve learned to adapt. But above all else, you have come to realize that anything you want can be yours- as long as you can dream it and you work towards it, you will realize everything you desire.

How you can share these gifts with others for their highest good: (Peacock, gecko, owl)
Actions always speak louder than words and people are always watching… so remember that being able to do these things yourself will be a better teacher to others. You can’t give great advice and expect anyone to follow it if they don’t see that same advice working for you. So are you actively practicing? Let go of that which is in the past- negative thinking, grudges, pain. Just decide that it doesn’t matter anymore. It really is that simple. Holding onto it, letting it live within you, only keeps it alive forever and allows it to continually wound you. You never heal. My guides advise you to do an exercise: recall the event, feel the pain, and then literally say, “This no longer matters and can no longer hurt me. From this point on, this is a new relationship.” Breathe the pain into the ground, and move forward with the absolute intent to react and view things in a new and untainted light. Start being assertive in your life. You can’t sit around and mope about things not going your way if you haven’t even told anyone how you want things to be. It’s no one’s fault but your own if you were too worried about what everyone else would think about your thoughts and so you suppressed them instead. Something happens to us when we do that… we start to believe that people have actually told us that we are wrong and we are failures- before we even start. So that becomes our mindset. Instead, choose to use your voice (for good, not evil), and put yourself in the ring. This action inspires others to do the same. And, lastly, always remember to reflect before acting. Often we do things in reaction, instead of doing things to cause a desired effect. Reflect on your feelings, reflect on the facts, and reflect on your goals- and then do it. This allows others to see you as a forward thinker, a thoughtful intellectual, and a solid choice to follow. Bottom line, is that we don’t affect people positively by preaching. Affect people through your commitment to living the truth of your blessings- living out your opportunities. My guides say, “live out the opportunities (like take action, roll with it, experience it) rather than outlive the opportunities (because we fear failure so we don’t even try).”

A prayer or blessing for this Thanksgiving:
(Firefly) Remember to always choose that which speaks to your soul. Reflect on situations and act for your highest good. May you always find the lesson in the situation and rise to the occasion. Remember that you can help guide others by lighting your own soul on fire. Your light will lead them, and their love will inspire you.

Happy Thanksgiving, my loves.


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