Card and message for November 26, 2018

I think when we talk about the root chakra or grounding people hear that as being grounded and sensible with their plans and their thinking. I think, too many people hear this and think they should cancel their big grand dream because they aren’t “normal.” This is not true. 

Have the plans to join the circus or decide to take up free diving, all you need to do is ensure you act on these things and have a plan that is rooted and strong. What work is required on your part to make these dreams happen? What needs to be done physically or financially?

Make a plan and then start taking steps today. This doesn’t kill your idea or plans, doing this brings you closer to the outcome. Ask for help if you need it. Even if you want to visit Mars there are people and resources to help you, but none of them can assist you if you don’t start framing your ideas and plans. 

Today everything can be a reality if you take the first step!



This message was received from a Spirit Guide by a medium. To see more messages from Spirit visit the Spirit Message Archive, browse our Spiritual and Metaphysical Books, or book a Reiki session or reading with Alex.

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