Card choice for November 30, 2018

A message for you: A few cards from a few decks. Close your eyes, choose a card. You can post your choice on this Facebook post. Cards and channeled messages will be shared later.



Cards and messages

#1 Strength: I face my fears with the strength of love and patience. Trust yourself. Let your inner endurance shine. Use your power to embrace the amazing person within you. You have everything within you to succeed. 

#2 Relationship Harmony: Understanding what makes you tick, understanding what drives you makes you a better partner. When you open up, when you examine yourself you are doing more to embrace others – you become a better partner. You are a person of experience and living life first-hand makes you better equipped to endure little hardships that contribute to greater happiness. 

#3 Position 8: “Life in gridlock” is what my guides share. “We are moving neither forward nor back, we are locked in place over the reactions others are having. We are holding ourselves hostage with our emotions – attempting to force ourselves to feel a certain way in order to match what others do and expect.” ‘Clearing away’ old patterns isn’t just a lovely new-age phrase. You need to remove roadblocks, the roadblocks for you are blocking emotions, harboring fear, and leaving you feeling challenged at every turn. Trust yourself, above all else trust your own mind and emotions. Listen to your heart and mind without judgment or comparison. Don’t attempt to understand what comes out at first just let it come. 

#4 Invisibility – Authenticity: Living grand plans in your mind may seem safer. Physical reality may seem daunting but you cannot lose your ‘self’ in the moment simply because you are swept away in emotion or in the routine of the day. This is difficult, you neither want to be invisible or ignored but you also don’t want too much of the spotlight at times. Please see this, the world may become blind to you for a moment when you are living authentically. When your actions and words match your thoughts and emotions you may become invisible to the world. You aren’t being lost in the crowd or in the hustle, you are absolutely charting a new course and a new path that others have not seen before. You may feel invisible, it may feel as though you’re an astronaut who has been disconnected and you’re floating in space but this is your position. Remember that you aren’t lost, you’re following YOUR heart and mind rather than what is accepted or expected – this is more important than rolling with the tide or the predominant thought of the crowd. 

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